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Damaged bike repairs

Motorcycle repair service , “MOTO-LINE”, Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia), is a workshop specialized in the repair of damaged motorcycles. Behind this unique workshop is more than 10 years of experience in repairing damaged motorcycles, which ranks among the very few in this region. Repair Service provides services to all European and Japanese brands and types of motorcycles, with emphasis placed on the Japanese sport bikes. Here are only some of the wide range of services, that we provide:
1. correction of all types of motorcycle frames (aluminum and steel “deltabox” and tubular)
2. front forks (up-side-down and ordinary telescopic), all parts of forks, wheel axles, oil seals and oil replacement
3. repairing wheels (wire and ordinary)
4. brake discs repair
5. repair and welding of plastic parts of the motorcycle
6. preparation for painting, creating stickers and varnishing motorcycles
7. welding all types of metal
8. repair of motorcycle tanks
9. partial or complete restoration of oldtimers
10. mechanical production of certain components of the motorcycle
11. balancing motorcycle wheels
12. tunning motorcycle looks in according to the requirements of the customer
13. regular and periodic services of motorcycles, replacement of oil filter, spark plugs, brake plates, and soon the complete mechanics and electrician services, computer diagnostics of electronics, and sales of new and used parts, equipment and supplies for all types of motorcycles.
The service is in addition to high quality mehanicarskog tools equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment for motorcycle geometry, frame and forks, pattern (cage) for the correction of body (frame) motorcycles, a number of hydraulic, mechanical and special purpose pneumatic tools, hydraulic presses, lathes, drills, welding machines for all types of materials from plastic to aluminum.
All services are performed by the highest quality using high quality materials and therefore have an adequate warranty.